Your Chief _________ Officer: the Evolving Role of the CMO

Your business needs a CMO who understands the increasingly complex world of data, analytics, and content management. If that person doesn’t, she isn’t setting up your organization to respond to customers in real time.

“The Chief Marketing Officer cannot avoid broader responsibility as the digital customer experience bursts traditional boundaries,” explains Kathleen Schaub, vice president of IDC’s CMO Advisory Service.

Successful CMOs use this transformation as an opportunity to not just challenge traditional rules, but rewire leadership habits to keep up. The impact technology has on this position means your business may need to reconsider redefining the CMO role, from the job description on up.

Evolve or go extinct

“IDC predicts that by 2020, marketing organizations will be radically reshaped. The core fabric of marketing execution will be ripped up and rewoven by data and marketing technology,” says Schaub. In fact, she goes on to explain that marketing departments will have reshaped to concentrate around three digital hubs: content, channels, and data.

If your business hasn’t already naturally moved toward integrating these systems, it may be a good time to start exploring the potential of these teams working together to create a seamless consumer experience. Schaub also emphasizes the importance of not confusing content marketing with thought leadership. It’s only thought leadership if readers get meaning out of your content. For your business’s content strategy to succeed, consumers need to trust your organization.

And because customers are looking for a consistent experience, multichannel coverage is an opportunity for your business to integrate media silos, including agencies and internal teams. Of course, it will be a challenge for your CMO to reorganize your business to meet these demands. With multiple resources to take into consideration, it’s important to look at it as a shift that will happen over time—a necessary shift to meet the changing expectations of consumers.

Sharing data equals smarter business

Across C-level executives, your organization needs to find new ways to promote cross-company collaboration. Tech-savvy CMOs and CIOs have a particular obligation to break down silos and ensure data is integrated across decision making.

Whether this means CMOs and CIOs are located in the same part of your office to ensure consistent communication, or they organize daily meetings, this partnership gives your business the chance to take advantage of opportunities you may otherwise overlook.