4 key takeaways from the Convergence 2014 conference keynote

Convergence is the premier event for the Microsoft Dynamics Customer and Partner business community. This year’s theme of customer experience means that attendees will be fully immersed in how technology could help them delight their customers.

We highlighted four takeaways from the opening keynote that you can use to improve your business no matter your size or your industry.

Customer success: new capabilities are seamlessly integrated

Convergence 2014 kicked off by revisiting two of the powerful customer success stories featured during the 2013 conference. Representatives from both Chobani and Weight Watchers explained how using Microsoft Dynamics has helped their enterprises rapidly deploy better solutions and integrate customer service and marketing. Chobani uses Microsoft Dynamics to cohesively manage its many different suppliers and ensure its supply chain works smoothly. You can watch Chobani’s success story here. When asked to give advice to other companies Chobani’s representative suggested that business start by keeping it simple and not going overboard with customizing their system.

Weight Watchers is adapting to the “era of the customer” (a major theme of Kirill Tatarinov’s keynote) by integrating its customer service center with its marketing. Watch this video for more on how Weight Watchers is transforming its business. The weight loss industry is inherently a personal business and by integrating customer service and marketing into one department, Weight Watchers was better able to personalize its communications with customers and improve their experience. Everyone is happy with the results. The time it takes to get agents to proficiency has been cut in half and agent job satisfaction has dramatically increased. Weight Watchers also had some advice for other companies: “Have fun with it! In a business that is all about relationships keeping it fun will make everything easier!”

Reimaging your marketing in the “era of the customer”

Wayne Morris from the Business Solutions Marketing team at Microsoft joined Tatarinov on stage to explain how Microsoft solutions will help to democratize the role of marketer and make it available to everyone in the enterprise. He showed how the dozen disparate and expensive tools marketers used to rely on have been condensed into the Microsoft Dynamics platform. He even did some real-time optimization of his campaigns during the demo of the new update that will be available later this spring!

Mobile access for everyone in your organization is possible and PROFITABLE

Delta Air Lines and New Belgium Brewing also shared their stories of how they have empowered their workforces with mobile tools that leverage Microsoft Dynamics. The New Belgium Beer Rangers use mobile devices to escalate problems identified in the field and raise red flags in real time. This type of empowered workforce makes finding efficiencies easier and is enabling companies such as New Belgium to expand.

Delta is in the process of rolling out Microsoft Dynamics-linked mobile devices to more than 20,000 of its employees. These devices will not only help pilots by creating paperless cockpits, but will also enable flight attendants to further leverage technology to improve the customer experience. One example demonstrated how real-time seat data can be used in-flight to increase revenue by offering upgrades according to the seats that are actually available. You can watch this video to understand how Delta is truly empowering its employees.

The gap between companies playing to win and companies playing not to lose is growing

“Technology not only helps businesses become the disruptor but also protects you from being disrupted.”

Robert Wollan from Accenture previewed his session by arguing that the global adoption of disruptive technologies such as Microsoft Dynamics is creating huge opportunities for companies who understand their promise. Wollan explained further “Technology not only helps businesses become the disruptor but also protects you from being disrupted.” His session (which will be available on demand if you register for free for the virtual conference) will explore how companies must become masters of the new ‘‘nonstop customer’’ experience, analyze the data on customers’ behavior for new opportunities, and influence their customers’ choices.