June is Internet Safety Month – Get involved

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Dedicated to promoting online safety, June presents a unique opportunity for youth and parents to become better “digital citizens,” and to protect themselves and others from potentially harmful online content and activities, including topics that some may prefer to not even acknowledge let alone address. “If you want to reduce (online) risks for children, engage and educate children and their parents,” Michael Sheath of the Lucy Faithfull Foundation last week Read more »

Safety, privacy and the Internet paradox: solutions at hand and the need for new trans-Atlantic rules


Today at the Center for European Policy Studies, Brad Smith, general counsel and executive vice president, legal and corporate affairs, Microsoft, delivered remarks and participated in a panel discussion on the subject of Trust, data and national sovereignty: solutions for a connected world. Other panelists included: Jan Albrecht, Member of the European Parliament Renate Nikolay, Head of Cabinet, Vĕra Jourová’s Cabinet, DG Justice, European Commission Michał Boni, Member of the Read more »

Microsoft Innovation & Policy Center offers practical guidance for state and local governments to manage cyber risks

Jennifer Byrne, cyber risks

The Microsoft Innovation & Policy Center in Washington, D.C. continued the @Microsoft series in October, National Cybersecurity Awareness Month, with a discussion on practical guidance for state and local governments to manage cyber risks. The event brought together decision-makers from state and local governments, the administration, and industry experts who confront cyber threats every day, to address the unique challenges they face, as well to provide information on resources and Read more »

Four in 10 Americans face regular online fraud attacks: Microsoft survey

Four in 10 people in the U.S. report experiencing weekly and even daily attempts via their personal computers to access their personal information and other valuable data, results of a new Microsoft survey show. Across the range of electronic devices people use today, consumers worry most about their PCs being compromised — and for good reason: 42 percent of Americans report experiencing weekly and even daily efforts by criminals to Read more »

Microsoft to introduce features to protect Windows Phone users


Over recent months, Microsoft has been working with others in the wireless industry to develop voluntary principles for implementing more robust theft-deterrent technologies in smartphones. As a result of this work, Microsoft signed on to CTIA’s Smartphone Anti-Theft Voluntary Commitment in April, and today we are able to confirm that we will meet these commitments before the CTIA goal of July 2015. To do this, the current capabilities of the Read more »

Envisioning cyberspace in 2025


On Monday, Microsoft released a new report entitled “Cyberspace 2025: Today’s Decisions, Tomorrow’s Terrain” that looks beyond today’s technological trends to anticipate future catalysts for change in cyberspace. Cloud computing, the Internet of Things, big data and cybersecurity loom large on today’s—and tomorrow’s—agenda. In the report is a Cyber 2025 Model, developed to determine potential cyber trends, as well as revealing several interesting projections about the future of cyberspace. For Read more »

The key to a secure cyberspace: Speed and resilience

Organizations of all types today face a daily and growing assault from nation states, lone actors and organized crime. The effects of a cyber-attack can be as far-reaching, troublesome and significant as physical attacks, and can make or break organizations that are not sufficiently prepared. The question is, how can an organization embed cyber security into its suite of core business functions? Tom Ridge, the first secretary of the U.S. Read more »

Microsoft, experts gather for Global Privacy Summit in Washington, D.C.

This week is particularly exciting for the many people at Microsoft who focus on data privacy. Several of us will attend the annual Global Privacy Summit in Washington, D.C., hosted by the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP). It is a week for privacy professionals from around the world to convene and discuss the big topics that industry, civil society and governments work on collectively to advance the state of Read more »

University of Colorado Health adopts Microsoft Office 365 for its data privacy and security commitment

On Wednesday, University of Colorado Health (UCHealth), one of the state’s largest healthcare providers,announced its migration to Microsoft Office 365, a decision that was made in large part due to Microsoft’s long-standing commitment to data security and privacy and because the company supports HIPAA requirements beyond what other vendors provide. Such cloud adoption within the healthcare industry is gaining momentum because the economic, clinician productivity and care team collaboration advantages Read more »

Microsoft releases best practices for developing a national strategy for cybersecurity

On Friday, Microsoft released a new white paper entitled Developing a National Strategy for Cybersecurity: Foundations for Security, Growth, and Innovation. This publication is based on lessons learned from customers and governments around the world, and is intended to aid governmental efforts to develop national cybersecurity strategies that set a clear direction to establish and improve cybersecurity for government, academia, enterprises, consumers and the ICT companies who serve those communities. Read more »