Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture opening


This week, I am honored to witness the opening of a new landmark in the heart of our nation’s capital that will tell the history of the African-American experience. The Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History and Culture is opening on Washington D.C.’s National Mall as the only national museum devoted to African-American history and culture, and I am proud to partner with the Smithsonian on behalf of Microsoft Read more »

Update on Microsoft’s approach to proxy access and shareholder rights

We routinely evaluate Microsoft’s governance policies to ensure they are meeting the needs of our diverse shareholders. At times, this process also includes an evolution of our practices in response to broader developments in corporate governance. One of the most recent examples was in August 2015, when we were one of the first companies to proactively adopt a “Proxy Access for Director Nominations” bylaw. The bylaw permits a Microsoft shareholder Read more »

An idea whose time has come: A new Cascadia Innovation Corridor connecting Vancouver and Seattle

Emerging Cascadia Innovation Corridor Conference

Leaders from across British Columbia and Washington state have come together in Vancouver today to talk about an important opportunity. The Emerging Cascadia Innovation Corridor Conference focuses on laying the groundwork for an innovation corridor linking Seattle and Vancouver. Vancouver and Seattle have many things in common and many complementary strengths. We also have an opportunity to contribute to a region that is stronger than its individual parts. Working together, Read more »

New Beijing Transparency Center announced

Today we announced our third Microsoft Transparency Center – this one in Beijing, China – which adds to facilities opened in the United States in 2014 and Belgium in 2015. Microsoft Transparency Centers were announced in 2013 as part of a number of programs designed to increase trust in Microsoft’s offerings. For government customers, our work in the area of transparency is particularly critical as they want to know with Read more »

Federal Circuit rules on software patent eligibility

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued an important decision today, strengthening the law related to software patent eligibility under Section 101 of the Patent Act. Software technologies are at the center of our economy and playing a role in helping to transform industries in so many fields, including manufacturing, retail and health care. Recently, the federal courts have been grappling with the issue of which software Read more »

Teens are concerned about personal safety online, pessimistic about future risks

Teens around the world are concerned about their personal safety online and expect internet-related risks to increase in the future, preliminary results of a new Microsoft study show. Adults and youth share an equally high concern about the current state of online risks, but data show youth are especially troubled by the expectation of sexual threats becoming worse. Results indicate young people are more likely to have experienced or been Read more »

Computer science opportunities for young people explored in PBS series

Roadtrip Nation, Microsoft Philanthropies, YouthSpark, computer science education

Roadtrip Nation is an organization on a mission to help young people answer the question “What is my road in life?” Through their documentary television series that airs on the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), beginning Sept. 1, Roadtrip Nation follows young adults as they travel across the nation in a big, green RV, interviewing people who have built careers around a unique combination of skills and interests. Microsoft, through its Read more »

New resources to report hate speech, request content reinstatement

Microsoft is committed to creating safe online communities where our customers can learn, play, grow and interact without the threat of violence or hatred. That’s why for many years we’ve sought to protect our customers by prohibiting hate speech and removing such content from our hosted consumer services. While neither our principles nor our policies are changing, we are refining some of our processes to make it easier for customers Read more »

Microsoft study: Four in 10 US teens encounter cruel treatment online

cropped _ Microsoft Keeping Up with Generation App_infographic[8]

Nearly four in 10 American teens report that someone was mean or cruel to them in the digital world in the last year, and those negative comments most often stemmed from something the teens said or did, or were about their appearance, results of a new Microsoft study show. Thirty-nine percent of teens surveyed said someone had been mean or cruel to them when they were online or using their Read more »

Fair Wi-Fi and cellular wireless coexistence benefits everyone

How much do you rely on Wi-Fi?  What if the Wi-Fi in your home or at your neighborhood Starbucks stopped working? Who would you call? What would you do? We all rely on Wi-Fi, as well as cellular wireless technologies, for much of our daily communication, news and information, and entertainment. Cellular and Wi-Fi both use wireless spectrum and, as we are increasingly reliant on both, it’s important that they Read more »