Every Click Should Count: Microsoft Discusses Online Ad Fraud at NYC Symposium

What if one out of every four cups of coffee you purchased turned out to be an empty cup? You’d quickly switch to another coffee shop and you’d have some very negative reviews of the coffee seller who shorted you. Now let’s say that just one out of every 10 cups of coffee from your new coffee seller is empty – better, but you’d still want a new barista because Read more »

FBI and DOJ take on the Coreflood botnet

Today, the FBI and U.S. Department of Justice announced a legal and technical operation to take down the Coreflood botnet, using a civil suit for a temporary restraining order against the operators of the botnet and criminal seizure warrants in order to disable the botnet’s infrastructure. We commend the FBI and DOJ for the action against Coreflood . There is clearly strong public and private momentum in the fight against Read more »

Initial Revelations and Results of the Rustock Takedown

Almost three weeks ago, I blogged about the Microsoft Digital Crimes Unit’s takedown of the Rustock botnet in an action dubbed “Operation b107.” The takedown has thus far proven to be very successful and, since that time, we’ve worked every day to keep Rustock down, and begin the process of undoing the damage that it has caused. Yesterday afternoon, we returned to the court for a hearing where those accused Read more »