Using wireless technology innovation to enable cloud-connected experiences in Ghana and beyond


TV white spaces, the unused frequencies in the wireless spectrum band dedicated to television, are widely seen as the first opportunity to enable wireless devices to opportunistically tap into unused spectrum. Better use of the spectrum could translate to cheaper, more ubiquitous and higher-bandwidth wireless broadband connectivity.

Microsoft and the Alliance for Affordable Internet work to drive down broadband costs, enable universal access

Technology is playing an increasingly critical role in overcoming barriers for social and economic development around the world, for a diverse range of applications in education, healthcare, business, delivery of government services and others. However, a wide gap remains between those who have access to technology and those who don’t. While 77 percent of the developed world is online, that number drops to 31 percent in the developing world. This Read more »

Microsoft and partners advocate for expanding access to affordable wireless broadband worldwide

At Microsoft, we have long worked in partnership with others in government, industry, academia and civil society to advance emerging technologies and create new opportunities for ICT access and innovation throughout the world. Today at the Global Summit on Dynamic Spectrum Access and TV White Spaces in Singapore, we announced our participation in the newly-formed Dynamic Spectrum Alliance. This will be a new global, cross-industry group focused on policy and Read more »

Managing Our “Beachfront” Spectrum for the Public Good

Summertime often conjures up memories of days spent at the beach – waves crashing, sand castles, beach balls, surfing, swimming and ice cream. For the vast majority of Americans, that time is spent at a public beach – places with names like Crane’s, Ocean Shores, Sleeping Bear Dunes, Presque Isle and yes, even Marconi, named for the telecommunications pioneer. Today, the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on Communications and Technology Read more »