Microsoft’s commitment to shareholder engagement

In 2009, Microsoft began posting video interviews with members of its board of directors to provide deeper insights into their backgrounds and perspectives on board service. This month, we posted our most recent interview with Mason Morfit, a Microsoft board member since 2014 and president of ValueAct Capital. During the conversation, Mason speaks about his background at ValueAct Capital, his views on Microsoft’s leadership and where he thinks the company Read more »

Microsoft provides corporate governance update


The Governance and Nominating Committee of Microsoft’s board of directors on Thursday published its annual letter to shareholders. The letter provides an update on corporate governance developments over the past year. Throughout this exciting time for Microsoft, we remain firmly committed to upholding a strong governance framework that advances the long-term interests of our company and its shareholders. I believe the past year’s developments illustrate that commitment. In the letter, Read more »

Recap from Microsoft’s annual shareholders meeting

I want to thank the Microsoft’s shareholders who attended or voted at this year’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders. Nearly 84 percent of outstanding shares were voted. Microsoft shareholders: • Elected nine directors to serve on the Board of Directors until the next annual meeting. All director nominees received more than 90 percent of votes cast. • Approved the material terms of the performance goals under the Executive Officer Incentive Plan Read more »

Director Video Series: John W. Thompson shares insights and experiences as Microsoft director

John W. Thompson recently sat down with Microsoft’s Channel 9 to share insights on his experience as a member of Microsoft’s board of directors as part of our Director Video Series. [Read more…] Dynamics Tag

Recap from Microsoft’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders


I want to thank Microsoft’s shareholders who attended or voted at this year’s Annual Meeting of Shareholders. At yesterday’s annual meeting, nearly 86 percent of outstanding shares were voted. For the first time, shareholders who were unable to attend the meeting in person were able to vote online via a virtual shareholder meeting. Shareholders acted on five items of business, including one shareholder proposal. [Read more…] Dynamics Tag

Director Video Series: Dina Dublon Shares Insights and Experiences as Microsoft Director

In the latest installment of our Director Video Series featuring conversations with Microsoft’s board of directors, Dina Dublon recently sat down with Microsoft’s Channel 9 to share insights on her experience as a Microsoft director. During the course of the conversation, Ms. Dublon speaks about being one of the first women on the trading floor of a major bank and her background in finance and accounting. She also offers a Read more »

Corporate Governance at Microsoft: A Look Back and a Look Ahead

With the approach of Microsoft’s annual shareholders meeting on Nov. 15th, I am excited to take a look back at some of the recent results of Microsoft’s ongoing commitment to promote the long-term interests of our shareholders, as well as to maintain internal checks and balances, strengthen management accountability, and foster responsible decision making. · Corporate Citizenship: In March, Microsoft was one of a select few companies named to the Read more »

An Interview with Microsoft Board Member Charles H. Noski

Charles H. Noski has been a Microsoft director since 2003. He recently sat down for an interview for another installment of our profiles on Microsoft’s Channel 9 featuring our board of directors. In his interview, Mr. Noski discusses his background, what it’s like to be a member of the Microsoft board, and offers a behind the scenes view of how the board operates. Fostering Tag