Online assessments in the United States

Almost everyone remembers taking an exam on paper, filling in your multiple-choice answer selection in the oval bubbles with a No. 2 pencil. Ah, the good old days. Before the widespread availability of personal technology we did most of our learning (and teaching) with the most advanced technologies available – paper and pencil. While definitely tried and true, paper and pencil don’t enable the level of adaptation to the learning Read more »

Microsoft calls for deeper integration of technology in the classrooms of tomorrow

Over the last month, we’ve joined Parade Magazine on the road from Salt Lake City to St. Louis and Boston to start a smart discussion around technology and education and the different ways technologies and services are being used to improve the learning experience across the U.S. These conversations have sparked a great dialogue with impressive ideas and incredible potential for the future of education. For years, technology has only Read more »

IDC study reveals skills today’s students need to succeed in tomorrow’s unimagined world

On Tuesday, Microsoft released findings from an IDC study we commissioned to gain a better understanding of how we can contribute towards well-prepared students. The study identifies the skills and competencies that will be highly valued by employers now and through the year 2020. I often reflect on the careers that exist today, that weren’t even an idea when I was in primary and secondary school. My role at Microsoft Read more »

Student Privacy Should Not Be for Sale

How would you react if you learned that an outside agency came to your child’s school and, without your knowledge or consent, collected confidential data about your child and then used the data they gathered to make money for themselves? Would you be upset? As a parent, I believe the answer is resoundingly “yes.” In our view, this is unacceptable. We don’t let advertising and marketing representatives come into schools Read more »