SkyDrive & friends

The SoundGecko app for Windows Phone reads your favorite web content to you.

SkyDrive has become one of those everyday essentials for me. I can always have my files with me, the interface is smart and simple, and it’s available on pretty much every device and platform out there.

What makes SkyDrive even more powerful is that it works so nicely with many other popular apps. Here are a few of my favorites:

Here’s a great way to make your morning commute more productive. The SoundGecko app for Windows Phone converts Web pages, blogs and documents into audio files on SkyDrive. Queue up a few news articles or blog posts and you can catch up on your reading list right from the car or bus.

Idea Sketch
The Idea Sketch app for Windows 8 or Windows Phone 8 is an easy way to capture your ideas as flowcharts or outlines – no drawing required. Once you’ve jotted down your next big idea, you can save the diagram directly to SkyDrive, so stays close to hand and ready to share.

EasyBib helps you create Internet citations and bibliographies, then save them to SkyDrive. They also have a variety of other tools for students and educators. EasyBib is available on the Web and via apps for selected mobile platforms.

Genius Scan
Genius Scan is a brilliant app from Grizzly Labs that turns your phone into a portable scanner. Once you’ve scanned a document using your phone’s camera (it even works with color documents), you can crop, color correct, and paginate as needed – and then save it right to SkyDrive.

Check out the SkyDrive site for more apps that work with SkyDrive.