PSFK: The Future of Home Living

Smart homes have been on the minds of many more people these days and PSFK recently weighed into the whole discussion with its Future of Home Living Report, in which they identified some of the coolest domestic applications of technology.

Besides the Illumiroom, one of my favorites is a mirror that monitors your vital signs. Designed by a student at MIT, the device combines a two-way mirror, computer and  web-cam to track things like blood pressure and respiration rate.

Along the same lines, CubeSensors designed a sensor that you can place almost anywhere in your home to monitor temperature, humidity, noise, light, air quality and barometric pressure. It stores this data in the cloud where you can access it using any smartphone or computer.

And what smart home would be complete without the most cutting edge entertainment wizardry? To find out what the future of home entertainment might hold, PSFK talked with some bloke from the UK.

If you’re in NYC any time during the next couple weeks, you can drop by PSFK’s temporary exhibit space where some of their favorite things are on display.