Nokia Lumia 1020 ultimate accessory

I’ve had the chance to play with the Nokia Lumia 1020 a few times in the last week and I’ve decided to bite the bullet and upgrade. Tomorrow I’ll be calling in to the AT&T store to grab a yellow unit and start taking epic photography with the 41 million pixels it packs.

And not long after I take delivery of my 1020 I’ll be looking to set it up as a UAV (Unmanned Ariel Vehicle).  Those eagle eyes guys at WPCentral spotted that Lehmann Aviation is producing the world’s first drone that uses a cell phone with a high resolution camera. The LA300 is a drone that has been designed to use the Lumia 1020 for orthophotographs and digital elevation model shots. Basically, it gets you a 3D model of terrain.

All of this can be controlled from OperationCenter – a Windows 8 app that helps to manage the whole flight process – from mission preparation to controlling and geotagging images.

Check out Lehmann’s Facebook page to see what the results look like