Weather Flow for Windows Phone 8

This is a guest post by Ben Rudolph, a.k.a. Ben the PC Guy.

Weather Flow, my favorite weather app for Windows Phone 7, is back with a brand-new Windows Phone 8 version that packs a bunch of new, very useful features.

Just like it’s Windows Phone 7 counterpart, you get accurate current conditions and a 5-day forecast in your choice of either a Modern UI style or “realistic” animated interface (with upgrade animations and graphics, of course), and you can flip from one UI to the other with a simple downward swipe. I demonstrated this on the Windows Phone 7 version, and it works exactly the same way on the new version.


What makes the Windows Phone 8 version the best app of its kind (in my opinion, although Amazing Weather HD is a close second), is that the dev team enabled the app to take advantage of several of Windows Phone 8’s new features in a beautiful, unobtrusive, useful way.

For example, the weather tile can be customized to small, medium or large size using either your theme color as a background, or a realistic background displaying the current conditions. You can pin your current location to the Start screen or any other city of your choosing, and can select from a single-sided or double-sided tile that displays current conditions, an hourly forecast, or a comparison of today’s weather to yesterday’s. Everything is totally customizable.


Windows Phone 8 introduced the ability to let apps update your lockscreen, and the Weather Flow team jumped on the opportunity to do so in a really smart way. Rather than completely taking over the lock screen like some apps, Weather Flow lets you add weather info to it. You can choose from a personal background, the daily Bing wallpaper, or a graphic of the current conditions—and add either the current weather + a 12-hour forecast, the current weather + 5 -day forecast, or just the current weather. Super useful.


If you purchased Weather Flow back in the Windows Phone 7 days, you’ll get this version for free. If you’re a new user, you can get it in the Windows Phone Store for $1.99.