January on Next at Microsoft

Last week I chatted with Todd Bishop and John Cook of GeekWire for their podcast and we discussed some of the tech trends I think will be most interesting and important during 2013. At the same time, I’ve been busy building a set of content that’s used by fellow Softies to talk about some of the same trends – notably Natural User Interfaces, Big Data & Machine Learning and the blend of the physical and digital worlds.

These trends are all in motion right now – inside and outside of Microsoft – and I they’re part of many of the most interesting projects I see. For that reason, I’ll have some extra focus on these topics during January with some new content and pointers back to some of the posts I’ve authored over the last year or so on these topics.

January will also play host to more guest bloggers – in part as I will be out of the office on personal leave for much of the month – so prepare to hear from some new and some familiar faces and voices. If successful it’s something I hope we can continue throughout 2013 to mix up viewpoints and insights.

I’m looking forward to another interesting year of technology and will be doing my best to bring you the best of Microsoft.

If there are topics/people/projects you’re interested in seeing me cover don’t hesitate to drop a note in the comments or send me a tweet.