SkyDrive lands on Xbox 360

SkyDrive just landed on Xbox 360 and brings another piece of the devices and services jigsaw in to place. A little while back I built this slide (along with a rocking animated version) with the aim of showing the increasing consistent user experience (UX) across devices – combined with a set of services that are increasingly consistent across those screens.



Xbox Music, Xbox Video, Bing, SmartGlass, and IE run across all screens while services such as Outlook 360 and Skype run across all but Xbox 360.


SkyDrive arriving on Xbox 360 enables some great scenarios for customers. While testing the beta I’ve enjoyed taking photos and videos on my Windows Phone 8 and knowing when I get home I can show the to the family on the big screen with SkyDrive. No toiling with network shares, USB thumb drives – it just works.

A bonus that is something of a wow factor in my house – you can drive the SkyDrive app for Xbox using Kinect voice and gesture control. All very Minority Report.


You can expect to see it on your Xbox after 10AM PST.