Polyglots “R” Us: Bing Translator app hits Windows Phone 8

One of the most popular apps for Windows Phone became available on Windows Phone 8 this week. The app has over 1 million downloads and average ratings between 4 and 5 stars since release. In short, it’s a killer app for Windows Phone that combines augmented reality translation using the camera, text translation using either the camera or keyboard and speech translation. 

In a post on the Microsoft Translator blog, Vikram Dendi explains that the team has been hard at work readying the Windows Phone 8 version and has taken advantage of the new Lens feature in the OS. Now when you hit the camera button you can load translator as a lens that gives you instant access to the camera based translation capabilities.

As Taylor Soper mentioned over on GeekWire this is an app that just make you say “wow”. It’s useful – and free! I’ve personally used the app for translation Italian menus in restaurants, giving direction in Spanish and generally turning myself in to a polyglot. 

Check out the original video to see the background on this amazing app.