Forza Horizon and Xbox SmartGlass

I finally got the chance to sit down and play from Forza Horizon this week and was eager to test out one new capability – the Forza Horizon SmartGlass Experience.

It works as a “virtual GPS’ of sorts, providing an interactive map of Forza Horizon’s Colorado circuit on a second screen. In my case that’s a Surface device running the SmartGlass app that’s connected to my Xbox 360. I could see an entire map of Colorado and use pinch to zoom to explore the map and set waypoints that are automatically synced to the game on the Xbox and a new route calculated.



I’ve not had enough chance to use SmartGlass to find the location of smashable upgrade discount signs and new race events but hopefully this weekend.

It’s a promising second screen experience that I suspect we’re only just scratching the surface of right now and a ton of other apps are set to come to market that take advantage of SmartGlass. For Forza Horizon, the experience is available to download now for free to Windows 8 devices, and is coming soon for Apple iOS devices.