L’Oreal takes to Xbox

I remember when the original Xbox launched – in fact I had a US console shipped to me in the UK because I was so eager to try it out. That unit made its way on to the football pitch during a half time game between Leeds United and Everton football clubs and endured a mighty power transformer to help it deal with the UK’s 240 volt supply. Happy days indeed.

Xbox has grown up in those ten years and has become far more than a gaming console. This month will see a number of launches that will continue to cement Xbox 360 at the top of the gaming tree but it’s increasingly a hub for entertainment. My household has two 360’s that are primarily used for streaming Netflix and listening to music – and I can foresee more apps being added to our household usage, something I really wouldn’t have thought of ten years ago.

One such app is from cosmetics company L’Oreal. Last week they launched “The Next Level” that offers fashion tips, makeup tutorials, Facebook sharing and of course the ability to buy products. Now, this isn’t something I’m planning to use myself (despite my recent foray in to Fashion Week) but it’s no doubt just the beginning.


Actually, I may end up using it – and encouraging the family to as the more you use the app, the more credits you get which can be used to buy real products. Given L’Oreal has Kiehl’s in their stable, they have my attention.

As a canvas for creative companies and brands, Xbox is a new territory. It’s going to be interesting to see what other brands do here and I’m talking with our creative team that assists with these projects so expect to hear more soon. For now, hats off to L’Oreal for blazing a trail.