GLOBALedit launches a digital LightTable with Microsoft’s PixelSense technology



I posted a video about this application on the Samsung SUR40 earlier this year and recently I got to see it first hand at New York Fashion Week. Industrial Color Software has just announced the launch of the industry’s first “Digital LightTable”.

For those not familiar with a light table, it’s the tool creative teams to review photographic media or artwork by illuminating the assets from beneath. As the world of photography has gone digital, some of the tactile enjoyment of using a light table has gone away. Until now.

Industrial Color has brought much of that magic back with the GLOBALedit LightTable– using the Samsung SUR40 with Microsoft PixelSense. This combination enables a multi user, multi touch, 360 degree viewing experience that is connected to a cloud data story of assets (images, videos, documents). User can manipulate images, edit them, mark them up and create lightboxes for a seamless workflow and approval process.

Christopher Grakal, vice president of photography and digital asset management for Turner Broadcasting System, noted that GLOBALedit brings back the human element to the creative production process saying “we have combined the desired human and emotional connection along with the latest digital technology and creative tools to increase productivity”.

The GLOBALedit LightTable will debut at the upcoming Createasphere Conference in New York next week (September 27-28) where Christopher will be in attendance to to show a live demo of how his team uses the light table.