PSFK: The Future of Retail


The team at PSFK is constantly searching out what’s next across a wide range of industries and trends. They crank out a ton of content on a daily basis at and periodically release reports on key trends or industries. Their most recent is the Future Of Retail report – at over 100 pages it details 9 key trends in retail with 45 detailed examples.

Unsurprisingly, Kinect showed up in the examples – detailed in the scenario below where big box retailers enable a customer to scan their living room before purchasing a home theater system. When the customer arrives at the store, they have a detailed map of their room in digital format that the sales rep can work with to replicate the customer environment. This is pretty much possible now given Kinect’s ability to create a real-time 3D model of an environment – in fact we demonstrated this capability at the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference recently with Manctl – jump to 2:57:00 in the day 2 keynote



Printframe 4

frame 5


There is lots more going on at retail and I’ll be in New York at Fashion Week later this year to talk about it. Meantime, check out the post from yesterday about a retail store window of the future and be sure to head to for a great daily diet of trends.