Alex Kipman: Making the impossible possible

I’ve been fortunate enough to spend a good amount of time with Alex Kipman over the last two years. I enjoyed a career highlight lunch with him and two luminaries from Hollywood last year – he had them in raptures with his view of where technology would take the storytelling art form.

Alex was the driving force behind Kinect and recently received the company’s highest technical honor, the Technical Recognition Award for Outstanding Technical Leadership (in fact he got two awards as he was also a member of the team award).  He’s a fascinating guy to spend any amount of time with as he always has something thought provoking to leave you with. Statements such as this one are not rare for Alex

“In physics there are laws you can’t bend. But in software, you can bend anything. So nothing is impossible.”


The profile that published today on News Center is a rare insight in to Alex. He’s a remarkably humble guy given his achievements – not least of which is Kinect that I personally think is world changing technology. Well worth a read to hear about his impossible projects.

We’ve had quite a few posts about Alex and his work here on NEXT over the last two years