We’ve lost the meaning of the word passion

While you’re having a shot of espresso this morning, enjoy what Jason Silva would call a shot of philosophical espresso.

Back in March I had the pleasure of speaking at the PSFK conference in New York and though all of the speakers were brilliant (me aside), my favorite was CEO & Co-Founder of coffee company La Colombe Torrefaction. While many others (me included) took to the stage with props and fancy slides, Todd got on stage with nothing more than a yellow legal pad and the story of how his company thinks about their brand. As I mentioned in my recap of the event, a presentation expert would likely have slayed Todd for his walkabout nature. But it didn’t matter – his content was as addictive as his espressos.

One of my favorite quotes from his talk was “if your business model is being a savant…good luck”

It’s a great talk, not only for the content but also the delivery. A stark reminder that if you have a good story, and deliver it with authenticity, all will be good.