The new Bing

Earlier this morning we announced the ‘new’ Bing – the most significant change in the 3 years since Bing launched. The most visual change you will see as this rolls out in the next weeks and months is a social sidebar to provide you with answers from friends. Another column in the new 3 column results pages called Snapshot shows results that are actionable – such as booking a table at a restaurant with services such as Yelp.

Qi Lu has been talking for some time about the need to reorganize the web and tap in to the worlds knowledge, expert knowledge and your friends knowledge in the quest for answers and action. More than two-thirds of consumers use search to accomplish tasks, according to a Microsoft user survey and as my friend Stefan Weitz says


“…the 10 blue links that search has been predicated on for the last decade no longer makes sense. Simply put, that’s not how you get things done.” 


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