In the news: Design at Microsoft

I’m a big fan of design – of all types – architecture, product design, graphic design and more, and I’ve been spending a lot of time with the design community at Microsoft of late. I’ve learned a lot from them about what goes into designing products like the Arc Touch Mouse of Windows and Windows Phone and it’s been rewarding to see their work, and particularly Metro style design getting some positive coverage recently.

Microsoft: Metro’s Not Just an Interface, It’s a Philosophy by Lance Ulanoff from Mashable posted a few weeks back following a conversation we had in New York City, and more recently Dina Bass of Bloomberg Businessweek has been taking a close look at design with Microsoft Inspired by London Tube Seeks Sleeker Designs and Microsoft’s Design Drive.

If you’re interested in design, we have a lot of design related stories in our archives here at Next at Microsoft – so please take a look. If you’re a designer looking toward a new career in design, be sure to check out