Addicted to Wordament – don’t try this at home

I’ve been playing with the Windows 8 Consumer Preview on a Samsung slate for a little over a week now. You may expect that Mail, People or Calendar would be consuming most of my time on the device but no, it’s Wordament that has me swiping like a crazy man on the touch screen.

I’m new to the whole Wordament thing which has been around on Windows Phone for some time – and after only one game I was hooked. If you have the Consumer Preview installed, you really should try this out. Or not if you’re precious about your time! You could spend that time reading the story of how Wordament came to life from the brains of Jason Cahill and John Thornton, two full-time Microsoft employees as it’s been quite a journey.

Oh and there is more good news on Wordament this week too – it’s coming to Xbox LIVE.