Pinterest on Windows Phone

Like the rest of the online world, I’ve been hooked by Pinterest, the social curation site that turns your childhood pin board in to a digital version. It’s very easy to use and quite addictive which is why it’s right behind Facebook and Tumblr in terms of time spent on the web. My own collection is growing at a fair clip as that’s needed to pin images is a shortcut on your browser toolbar and you’re away (you can also upload images). Well, that’s after you’ve secured an invite from a friend to join the site of course.

With my new addiction in place, I went on the hunt for a Windows Phone application to help feed it while mobile. Pinspiration was just what I needed and as Trevor from Nokia Conversations points out, pinning it something Windows Phone users are quite familiar with.  There are two versions of the app, a free version that has ads and a few other limitations but with the free version costing $0.79 it was a simple “buy” for me.


Now I’m happily pinning away from my phone, getting live tile updates and browsing other Pinners (as members of the network are known).

Grab the Pro version or the free version from the Marketplace and get pinning.