People Week v3 on Next at Microsoft: Microsoft Research

During last year we ran two successful “People Weeks” here on Next at Microsoft where we dedicate the entire week to focusing on employees at Microsoft. They are after all what makes Microsoft tick. People Week 2 focused on the design community  and the first People Week was a real mix from across the company.

This time around, People Week v3 is focused on Microsoft Research (MSR). I’ve written about MSR a lot on this blog over the last 12 months but never really focused on the people. Whether it’s the building 99 HQ of MSR here in Redmond or one of the outposts around the world, I never cease to be amazed at the depth and breadth of talent inside the organization. A happy day for me is sitting in the lobby of Building 99 and watching Oscar winners, Turing Award winners and many other go by. Sometimes, I hear their contribution to Microsoft questioned, the root of which is often a mis-understanding of their role inside of Microsoft. During the profiles this week you’ll get more of a flavor of that, as well as that breadth I mentioned.

First up is a profile of Jennifer Chayes from our lab in Boston so check back here in about an hour to see that and each day this week at 8am PT for the 4 other profiles.