The future of gaming by PSFK

I was hoping to get a lot more game play in over the festive season but aside from a 9 hole round on Kinect Sports 2 and a few laps on Forza 4, it didn’t really happen. My Xbox was actually used much more for music, TV and movies than gaming – a growing trend it turns out.

I did read a lot about gaming though as the team at PSFK kindly sent me a copy of their latest report – The Future of Gaming. As with their other reports, it’s an elegantly packaged canter through a trend with lots of real world insight in to how it’s playing out. It’s one thing I like about the PSFK reports, they’re less theoretical than some of their contemporaries and give you tons of examples to bring the trend to life.

In this report, they explore the purpose of games, game mechanics and trends in game functionality. It casts a fascinating new light on a topic that is growing in popularity as we’re seeing gaming used for education, for societal causes, fitness, solving real world problems and just plain fun.

It’s a great read – you can flick through the slides above or check out for more details.