The Verge visits Microsoft HQ

Last week I had the pleasure of hosting Josh Topolosky and Chad Mumm of The Verge here on Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Washington. It was an action packed, fun day – we took the guys to Microsoft Research, one of our model shops, an anechoic chamber and a whole host of other places. There was much humor and lots of oohing and ahhhhing. More on that soon….

During last weeks On The Verge, Josh introduced a sneak peek that had 10 minutes of the tons of footage they shot. You can see that footage above which gives you some sense of the stuff we’re working on. I should add that despite the intro, what we saw was much more than just Microsoft Research and I know Josh and Chad are keen to show more elements of the visit so I suspect we’ll see more from the visit very soon.

btw, Josh didn’t buy that blue cloud power t-shirt. I think maybe I’ll send him one for the holidays…and a golf bag perhaps? Smile

[update] as promised, The Verge posted another video from the tour today. A discussion with design director, Steve Kaneko.