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courtesy of Tom Warren went live a little earlier today with a roundup of the top searches for 2011. Based on the aggregation of billions of search queries on Bing this year, you get a sense of who and what the world is looking at. It’s popular culture, through the lens of the search engine.

Bieber, The Royal Wedding, and Steve Jobs’ death were all near the top of the pile in musicians, news and events. In the consumer electronics space, Xbox and Kinect reigned supreme while in sports I was surprised to see Maria Sharapova top the list. Also Las Vegas was the most-searched destination in the world last year – it’s on my mind now as we accelerate towards the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2012.

What garnered the most overall searches? Head to to find out – our News Center team has some more background on the trends.

Oh and be sure to check out the US page today which has a steamy video.