Xbox 360 dashboard update is arriving December 6

I’ve shared several videos over the last month about the new Xbox 360 dashboard – it’s Metro look and Bing voice search in particular. I’ve been busy playing with the beta over that last month and Major Nelson just announced that on December 6th, the new interface will be arriving at your Xbox. I think you’ll like it a lot.

Voice control and Bing integration are two of the killer features – two others that are equally cool are cloud saves and beacons. The first enables you to save your Xbox LIVE profile and game data to the cloud so you can roam across consoles. Beacons meanwhile allows you to post and receive alerts that that you’d like to play a game together for example. All that in addition to and deeper social integration with Facebook and a ton of new entertainment apps – I’ve been busy showing all my friends the new John Lewis Christmas advert using YouTube on Xbox of late.

I’m at Imagine London with the Microsoft Advertising team this week and will be demonstrating a few of these features tomorrow. You can catch me on the livestream tomorrow around 11am GMT.