Next at Microsoft: 1 year on

This week marks the one year anniversary of the launch of Next at Microsoft. It’s been a busy year for me personally and the blog – we launched quietly and have slowly built momentum and a loyal following. If you’re a regular reader, thanks for your time – I know you have plenty of other places you could be spending it. If you’re a new reader, have a look around, click some of the tags on the right as we have a lot of content in just a year.

Our goal in launching Next was to provide an insiders look at some of the cool things going on inside the company. With 90,000 employees and hundreds of products that span business and consumer, mobile technology, search, entertainment, gaming, music, cloud, tools, advertising and much more it can be hard to get your head around Microsoft at times. Next aims to shine a light on interesting areas by looking across the company at key trends such as natural user interface (NUI), the Internet of Things, displays everywhere, cloud and social. Our sister site, News Center covers these in depth from a news point of view and Next aims to provide sort of a magazine supplement to that.

As I head towards my 15th year at Microsoft, this definitely goes down as one of the most fun jobs I’ve had in that time. I get to meet lots of the people behind the scenes at Microsoft who are building the future as well as touring invited guests around the places on our campus where they’re doing it. Next week, we’ll take a look at what’s coming on Next – in the run up to CES amongst other things. This week, I thought it’d be fun to look back on some key topics and key posts over the last year – the first, coming later today, will look at NUI.

Thanks again for reading – onward to another year of looking at What’s Next.