Microsoft’s Underground Tour

If you send me an email today, this is the Out of Office message (aka OOF) you will receive*. As you can see, I’m on something of an anthropologic adventure this week – something we internally call our Underground Tour. Sadly we don’t sell tickets for this but I’m beginning to wonder if we should do some sort of Willy Wonka golden ticket thing. Hmmm…

For two days I get to take a small group of invited guests behind the scenes at Microsoft and introduce them to some of the people and places where we’re building…well, cool stuff. Microsoft Research, The Garage, The Envisioning Lab, the hardware Model Shop, Applied Sciences Lab and more. All in all, a fun way to spend two days…but this is how I get to spend a lot of my days. Exploring Microsoft. And they pay me to do it 🙂

Anyhow..I just wanted to explain why things are slower than usual around here this week. Here’s some snaps of the tour in the meantime…






* – the OOF is something of an art form here in Microsoft. A few years ago I got received an hilarious OOF from a colleague and it brightened up my day. From then on, I’ve attempted to inject some much needed humor in to my own OOF’s and have a vast collection that are variations on this theme. Just my small contribution to the ebb and flow of a day and the email mountain.