Bill Gates on Natural User Interfaces

I’ve talked a lot about NUI here on Next at Microsoft so thought you may enjoy someone else talking about Natural User Interfaces – none other than Bill Gates. He recently gave a talk at the University of Washington and in a blog post on his birthday, he talked about The Power of the Natural User Interface. In the post and in the talk, he talks about Kinect and the role it has in bringing NUI to more people – and as we’ve been talking about recently with the Kinect Effect he talked about Kinect being much more than just a cool video game technology.

it is the most advanced example of a wave of new advances that are enabling people to interact with technology in entirely new ways.

Bill talks about the profound implications of Kinect and the range of directions in which it’s being taken and in the talk he gives a live demo of Kinect Fusion – it’s well worth a watch for that alone at about 12 minutes in. Maybe time for him to do a guest post here….Smile