We come from the future

As I wake up to a cold, damp day here in Seattle (surprised aren’t you), I thought I could lighten the load on a Friday with this fun infographic from Search Influence. It depicts some of the cultural changes and what college kids will see as “normal” in the coming years. Alongside some of the fun cultural references such as Jack Nicholson’s big claim to fame as being The Joker and not understanding the phrase “don’t touch that dial”, there are some telling tech references.

I studied information and computing eons ago at University and still have a soft spot for the card catalog – people even five years younger than me would probably stare at such cards with a curious skepticism as search engines have exploded and indexed the world. That’s ultimately a good thing but missing out on twirling a the coiled cord from a rotary telephone – in fact even knowing that a rotary telephone is – is a sad cultural loss to my mind.

There’s some fun stuff on here – imagine a world without GPS for example? Or phones without caller ID or my favorite, not knowing what will be on the nightly news before it airs.

Click the image for the full size infographic and remember to hang on to some of your tech heirlooms…they’re part of our story. I rescued an iMac from the dumpster this week and sat it alongside my 20 year old PC for history’s sake.