Trick or treating goes digital with Microsoft Tag and UNICEF

The UNICEF Trick or Treat campaign has a rich history in the USA as it’s been in operation for over 60 years. It’s a new phenomenon to me but it caught my eye thanks to a new angle on giving this year. A great example of the physical world meeting the digital world.

Kids who carry the familiar little orange collection boxes on Halloween will now be able to let donors contribute online as well. The idea originally stemmed from a Microsoft and PSFK-sponsored study that looked at ways to increase fundraising using mobile technology. A user can scan the Microsoft Tag that then links them to a mobile website allowing the user to enter their phone number and make a $10 donation. It’s as simple as this

  1. Scan code with your phone (as shown above on my Windows Phone 7.5 or pretty much any other phone)
  2. Enter your phone number and name and optionally your email address
  3. Click Donate
  4. Receive text message to confirm donation

That’s it. I just did it myself and it took under 60 seconds. The default amount of $10 is deducted from your mobile phone bill or prepaid balance (you an also donate by credit card as an alternative).

An expected 3.5 million of UNICEF’s Tagged trick-or-treaters will be out seeking donors next week so download the app and be ready to digitally donate.

UNICEF blogged about this today on the Official Microsoft blog too.