Kinect wants to show you some NUads

NuAds was first shown at the Cannes International Advertising Festival back in June and this video from AdWeek 2011 earlier this month shows us more of why this may be the future of advertising. Skip to the 2 minute mark to see NuAds in action from Infiniti, X-Men and Coke.

There is some seriously interesting stuff going on here – imagine watching a TV program and saying “Xbox tweet” to have your console automatically tweet what you’re watching. Powerful stuff (and just a little scary in some scenarios) but HUGE potential I think. I can’t help thinking there is a potential link to my post earlier today – imagine you’re sat watching a soccer game and say “Xbox, player stats” and you get all of the player stats overlaid courtesy of Adidas?

Imagine watching a movie and saying “XBox, sunglasses” and be presented with a search result showing the sunglasses that the actress is wearing and where you can buy them locally. I’m not suggesting that’s what is coming but you can see the pieces of that puzzle right here in the video and in technology such as object recognition.


NuAds are coming in Spring and I’m interested to see which advertisers jump on this medium. Saatchi & Saatchi are already thinking about it.