Kinect Playful Learning brings the holodeck to your living room

We introduced Kinect Playful Learning today and my daughter for one is going to be very happy. She’ll be able to jump in to Sesame Street and hang out with Elmo and Grover. Kinect will enable kids to interact using voice and gesture to literally keep Elmo on his toes. Our News Center team has more of the details and a blog post from Frank Shaw explains why this is all about “Breaking Through the Fourth Wall”

For me, it’s just another step in the direction that I outlined some of this in an earlier post where kids will simply expect to interact with technology in these natural ways.

Today’s playful learning announcement included a number of other titles that will help deliver on this promise – and not only entertain but hopefully educate kids. Our collaboration with National Geographic is firmly in the education side of things and is likely to keep me as engaged as it does my daughter.

The tech and media industries have promised “interactive television” but now it’s almost here. Personally, I’m most intrigued by Kinect Nat Geo TV, which was also announced today. It promises to bring National Geographic channels to life and this morning’s preview show a living room and transform it into Yellowstone National Park – including grass growing on the couch. It will give kids (and adults) a holodeck of sorts, in their living room.

Xbox, take me to the pyramids”. I can’t wait!