Kinect collecting more awards

Last week, Popular Mechanics announced their 10 Most Innovative Tech Products of 2011 and the Kinect for Windows Software Development Kit was honored in the list. Though Kinect has been recognized with a number of awards over the last year or so but in this case, the award was specifically for the SDK.

Kinect has been greeted with glee with by innovators, creators and tinkerers around the world. Not a week goes by without me seeing a crazy/inspiring/remarkable new project using Kinect in art, robotics, retail, education, healthcare and beyond. On robotics in particular, Jason Tanz wrote a great story in Wired back in June that titled Kinect Hackers Are Changing the Future of Robotics.

Personally, I think this award is as important as any other award Kinect as received as it’s acknowledgement of what others are doing with the technology and our desire to unleash the creativity of others. As Jason said in Wired, “the relationship between Microsoft and the Kinect hackers has blossomed into an unlikely love affair” – we really do love this stuff and there is quiet cheer when we see the latest amazing creation.




….and as I write this, I’ve just seen that Kinect has won another award, beating out strong competition from Apple, Nintendo, Amazon and Sony to pick up the Gadget Of The Year Award at T3’s 2011 Gadget Awards. The T3 team nails it when they said on their site “Kinect hasn’t even begun to realize its potential yet, both inside and outside the gaming sphere” and “In short, it’s not only an amazing piece of technology but could quite conceivably pave the way for new developments in human/computer interaction.”

The Kinect train keeps rollin’ :)