Building on the Momentum of BUILD

I’m still working my way through the //BUILD sessions – all of which are online and many accompanied by slide decks. My recent favorite is Sam Moreau’s session titled Designing Metro style: principles and personality.

I’m a real sucker for anything related to design given I’m a frustrated designer (as well as frustrated journalist/football player/racing car driver). I’m also fascinated by the Metro design style and the impact it’s having across Microsoft. In this session, Sam gives some of the back story of Metro – where it came from and what it’s grounded in. If you’re not sure whether you want to invest in the 45 minutes or so, check out the slides from the session that give you a pretty good sense of what is covered. I’d also highly recommend the Windows Developer Preview guide which is available in XPS or PDF formats.

Personally, I’m excited by this Metro style revolution and if you’re interested in this type of work, you may also enjoy a great post in Fast Company last week on interaction design.