When Wired came to town

I’ve always been a fan of Wired…well apart from the period when they went all biotech on us. Thus I was quite pleased when Dylan Tweney of Wired.com (now at VentureBeat) came to our Redmond campus for a look around.

We took him in to some of our favorite nooks and crannies and introduced him to a few wizards. We marveled at the camera work of Jim Merithew and arrived at Stevie Batchiche’s lab to find him on world class form. It proved to be a fun day and Dylan said he was going to publish a slideshow of the day. It turned in to something more than a slideshow as you can in his final post for Wired titled How Microsoft Researchers Might Invent a Holodeck.

The best part of all? I get to play in this playground every day.