VIDEO: Microsoft Touch Mouse Artist Edition

I’m back in Seattle after a few weeks on the road and wanted to share a few quick posts of fun things I spotted while traveling – traveling on the web that is.

The Touch Mouse that I posted about a few weeks back is now eagerly awaiting the arrival of it’s newly announced brethren – the Touch Mouse Artist Edition.

Lindsey Kujawski, a User Experience Designer that we featured on Next in a tools of the trade post, outlined where the inspiration for this mouse came from. New York-based artist Deanne Cheuk was invited to develop a new design that captured the motion of the Touch Mouse and I think she did a wonderful job. I suspect we may see this device being connected to a few Mac’s, let alone PC’s. It also reminded me of the wonderful IOGraph.

I’m a bit of a collector of mice (the electronic type) and the video alone made me want to add this to my collection. Coming soon to Best Buy and the Microsoft Store.