Bing: the truth is out there

There was a truth in the original Windows Phone adverts – that we were becoming a species that always had our heads down, looking into a device and ignoring the real world in front of us while entranced by the digital world. The answer to that truth from Windows Phone was an OS designed to get you in and out of the phone quickly.

I see a similar truth behind the latest Bing adverts that WinRumors highlighted last week. That truth is when we make decisions, we often do it with input of influence from our friends. This worked particularly well for me with the California Road Trip ad (above). When I travel, especially on business or to a fast moving city like NYC, I want to know where my friends would go (or have been) when in town. This is precisely what Bing does. When I got to LA, I wanted to know where my friends Dave and Brad would eat sushi. When I got to Vegas, I wanted to know where Chris and James went recently on their trip. When I go to London, I want to tap in to all my friends’ insider information without having to call each of them. 

Of course this is all dependent on my friends “liking” things on Facebook, but invariably they do. Hence with Bing, I get exactly what I’ve explained above and what’s shown in the video.