Places Week v2 on Next at Microsoft

A few weeks ago, we ran People Week v2, our second in a series of weeks on this blog that we dedicated entirely to people at Microsoft. This week, it’s the return of Places Week, a series we first ran back in May. Be sure to check back on that week where we highlighted places like the Visitor Center through the lens of Photosynth, the Microsoft Model Shop, my own workspace and a tour of the Microsoft Home.

The idea of our places and people weeks is to show you a little more behind the scenes at Microsoft – focusing on people and places that may be less familiar to you. I’m a big believer that to understand people (or a company) it makes sense to get to know more about them, how they work, how they tick – and that’s what this aims to do.

So, with that in mind this week we have a solid mix of places – from a tour of the Computer History Museum with Chuck Thacker, to revealing who or what our caged animal is, a look inside our labs in India and a tour of Microsoft’s newest building (sort of) on Microsoft Campus here in Redmond. Hear more about this, my new Forza jacket and more by clicking play on the video above.