Touching, waving at and talking to the future with Microsoft

The last post in our retrospective series takes a look back at one of the projects our small team worked on this year with Channel 4 News from the UK. We hosted Benjamin Cohen for 2 days on our “underground tour” of the Microsoft campus.  It’s one of the best things I get to do at Microsoft – showing guests who we are, where we work and how we work, as well as introducing them to some of the best and brightest at the company. Without fail, each person who has visited has had some sort of “aha” moment when they realize we’re not quite the company they thought. Sometimes it’s a single project, other times it’s the breadth of our work that surprises people (we do more than Windows and Office).

I think Ben and his team did a great job of capturing this and what’s more, they showed it to a few million people in the UK with an 8 minute piece on prime time news.

Check it out