People Week v2 on Next at Microsoft


Back in May, I dedicated a whole week of posts on this blog to people at Microsoft. Well, we have a lot of people, so I decided it was time for People Week v2. There will no doubt be a v3 and v4 but I’m excited about this week’s series of people as they’re almost all from the design community at Microsoft. The one exception is an exceptional researcher from Microsoft Research in Cambridge, England who I’ve been keen to write about since I met him over 2 years ago.

Of all the things I get to do at Microsoft, and I get to do a lot of fun things, the most interesting is meeting with the people behind the products to find out what makes them tick, what brought them to Microsoft, and what keeps them here. This week we have people who raced cars, wrote books, worked for Nokia, worked for PopCap, made dresses from paper, worked on Zune and a computational biologist. Yep, that’s our man from Cambridge.

Each of the posts can be found in the People topic, and as I said last time, if you’re a Softie who wants to be in v3 of this series, shoot me an email!

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