Jessica Chobot gets the underground tour of Microsoft

I’ve spent most of the week on camera at our Worldwide Partner Conference – the poor souls in the arena had to deal with a 15ft version of me looming above their heads. On a much smaller scale, a spot aired on G4’s Attack of the Show last night with me chatting with Jessica Chobot. I had the pleasure of helping to host Jessica and the team a few weeks back as we took them on the underground tour of Microsoft.

Jessica met with Kudo to talk Xbox and Kinect; Dan Morris showed Skinput and Stevie Bathiche showed Surface 2.0….and there is more to come tomorrow. Oh and she’s still sleeping under that table. Seriously.

Watch the HD version online too and check out yesterday’s show where G4 visited our preview event for all the latest consumer technology.

the third instalment is now live – Jessica uses Kinect to drive a quadrocopter and checks out WorldWide Telescope with Kinect and