Kinect and the future of television advertising

Yesterday at the Cannes International Advertising Festival, Mark Kroese introduced NUads – enabling voice and gesture controlled interaction of advertisements and other content on Xbox.

Soon, you’ll be able to say “XBox Tweet” and have the content shared online with your friends. Or when watching a TV show, you’ll be able to interact using your voice – for example to schedule a reminder to to be send to your phone of shows you love. In the video above you see these two examples and another that is incredibly interesting for advertisers and consumers – location based interaction. Saying “Xbox Near Me” when watching an advert for cars shows a map with local dealerships. Imagine an ad for pizzas or a movie ad that takes you to cinemas show the film locally.

Perhaps the most obvious and powerful demo in the video is interaction with shows – Enrique shows voting on a movie and that’s just the beginning. Imagine what the future of reality shows could be like when you can vote with your voice or gesture. It changes the user experience but also changes the business model of those shows, which typically gather fees from customers dialing in to vote.

Until now, television has remained a largely passive viewing experience but things are set to change. Viewers benefit as do advertisers who can finally get a sense of engagement. Is this the future of television? See what Tanzina Vega of the The New York Times thinks. Personally, I think it’s a big step in the right direction and another sign of the the NUI era.