Mobile commerce infographic


The Microsoft Tag team are cranking out infographics at quite a rate recently and this one showed up on their blog just over a week ago – I thought it was worth sharing here given I’ve spoken about how the world is becoming clickable and Tag will be a part of that. As Holly said in the post accompanying the infographic, by 2015 it’s predicted that mobile purchases will total $119 billion globally (against an overall ecommerce spend of $1.4 trillion).

Another stat in here that’s interesting is that only 4.8% of retailers have a mobile – even thought the data shows over half of the world of smartphone users are more likely to buy from a retailer with a mobile site. I think that stat is slightly bogus as more mobile browsers will become HTML5 capable and remove the need to build duplicate websites for mobile and non mobile…in fact mobile itself is a misnomer as you can be mobile on all kinds of devices.

Despite that, it’s a great infographic about where mobile commerce is going.


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