A tour of Microsoft’s Visitor Center

Microsoft’s Visitor Center is housed in Building 92 on our main campus in Redmond and is a mix of a hands on environment for the latest technology with a look back at the history of the company. It’s open to all employees and visitors to the Microsoft campus but I decided it was time to open the doors to those who can’t make it out to Redmond. What better way than Photosynth (video I hear you say….maybe next time).

I headed over to the Visitor Center with my trusty Nikon in hand last week and took around 600 photos – hoping to create an amazing synth. It turns out it’s harder to get a synthy synth than I thought and with the low and changing lighting environment of the Visitor Center, it’s made even more tricky. With an hours snapping done, we had real guests knocking on the shutters so I had to pack my gear and get out – hopefully I’ll get back there soon and improve upon the synth but for now, here it is. Note that you can click on the highlighted sections in the right hand panel to zip around the space.