A tour of Microsoft’s Model Shop


This is possibly my favorite hidden space on Microsoft Campus – I found it within a few weeks of starting my new gig and everyone I have taken there has been blown away. Not only by the space but the team who works there…and the work they do.

What I love about the model shop is it’s not something people expect from Microsoft. When people visit, they initially ask why we have such a facility but soon realize that we make a good amount of hardware – mice, keyboards, webcams, headsets, Zune, Xbox and associated accessories. As you walk around the shop, it’s fascinating to see the full range of hardware prototyping that is done – from very simple models, carved by hand all the way through to 3D printed objects that are then finished in the paint room.

I’ll have a profile on Karsten who works in the shop next week which also highlights the range of talent involved. From toy makers to mechanical engineers – I love spending time in there, seeing craftsmen at work.

thanks to our Channel 9 team for the video work!